Custom Pillow Boxes Display Your Product Effectively

Custom Pillow Boxes Display Your Product Effectively

The box is one of the most important parts of any product presentation. If you’re not packaging your goods in a quality box, it cannot convince customers that the contents are worth spending their money on. You can show your brand with Custom Pillow Boxes without breaking the bank. They are also convenient to store and transport once they have been opened for business!

What are Custom Pillow Boxes?

There’s no mystery beneath the name! They look like small pillows when closed. It ensures they don’t take up a lot of space on crowded shelves. So, it’s easy to transport them in bulk with other products.

Pillow boxes come in many sizes and different styles, depending on how you present your product. Whatever extent you pick, they are sure to create any gift feel special! People think that because they are trivial, they lack persona. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! 

Custom pillow boxes are also versatile when it comes to retailer needs. They come in numerous colors, contours, graces, and sizes to suit any trade location or product line. Many companies use custom pillow boxes for plush toys and gift sets for home goods and jewelry. 

Who Uses Printed Pillow Boxes?

While Printed Pillow Boxes can be used by anyone looking to package their product with flair, most companies find they work well for:

Crafts/Hobby Items

Crafts like knit scarves, crochet hats, felt brooches, etc., often sell better in pillow boxes. The added packaging ensures that the product inside is protected from damage and remains easy to open. At the same time, the printed designs allow sellers to show off their creative side by offering a unique way to package goods.

Candle Companies

These retailers can use custom pillow boxes for candles themselves to wax melts, candle accessories, and even soap packs. The flaps on these containers offer everyone a quick and easy way. Everyone sees what’s included in each collection, from casual shoppers to seasoned customers. It is a great selling point for impulse buys at checkout.

Spas & Salons

When it comes time to package your spa or salon products, reach out to local printers for help with your custom pillow box needs. You can pack products with care like bath salts, lotions, essential oils, and more in these boxes to make them easy for customers to open and enjoy.

Food & Snacks

It’s easier than ever for food brands to market themselves on custom pillow boxes. It works great to sell single servings or multiple servings of goodies like granola bars or cookies at a time. Just the true size for dividing nibbles!

Custom Pillow Box Manufacturing Process

The process of getting your Printed Pillow Boxes starts with an initial talk. During this gathering, you’ll pick up more about: 

  • What you want to achieve with your box
  • What you’ll need in design and specs

You can also discuss different boxes to find out which one (or ones) will work best for your product line. Once you’ve agreed on the proper style and size of the custom pillow box, printing can begin. Depending on how many items are packaged at once, the process usually takes 1-2 days.

Types of Pillow Boxes Wholesale

There are four main kinds of Custom Pillow Boxes Wholesale:

1 – Flap Boxes

This type is just what they sound like. Pillows that open with a flap or other easy mechanism. So, customers can see what’s inside. They are often used for products sold in a variety of quantity, from home goods to food items and beyond.

2 – Pull Boxes

In this case, the opening mechanism is a pull tab that customers can use to lift the lid and access their product inside. These boxes are mostly used for singular sales stuffs. They’re also available for those looking to offer small groupings like gift sets or party favors at events like weddings and more.

3 – Slide Boxes

These types of custom pillow boxes open on a side with an accordion style extension that customers pull out. So, they can grasp what’s secret before they pay for. You can use them for larger products like clothing and home goods and smaller items like beauty sets.

4 – Hybrid Boxes

Lastly, there are hybrid custom pillow boxes that combine two or more elements of the above categories. Either pull tabs or flaps on packaging. It overlaps to access goods without fussing with nails, staples, or other small bits and pieces.

Pillow Boxes Wholesale offer a fun way to package your product and draw attention — and customers! — at checkout. You can catch them with a little support from box designer. For more info on creating packaging, contact a dealer today!