Top 8 types of cardboard inserts for your food packaging

Top 8 types of cardboard inserts for your food packaging

Different types of food items require different types of food boxes. These boxes are composed of environmentally friendly and food-grade materials. They also help to protect foods from different damages. They come with custom inserts according to the size and shape of the food item. Window cut-outs can also be added on demand. They come with printed content to demonstrate the food items. They also come with the logo and name of the food supplier. They can help to promote the brand and increase sales. These boxes may come in all shapes and sizes. They can make attractive by using different types of finishing options. 

There are different types of food items, and different types of food boxes are required for them. These boxes may come with custom-shaped inserts to hold the food items and present them decently. They can provide various other benefits. Following are different types of custom inserts for food packaging boxes. 

Box inserts

Box inserts can be a warm and protective hug for your food items. They keep your products safe until they reach the hands of customers. Hence, their primary function is to protect and support the encased objects. Following are different types of box inserts. 

Corrugated box inserts

These inserts are the best option for many industrial products. The corrugated material can offer rigidity and durability. It can be easily customized according to the size and shape of the food product. This is the best way of offering optimum protection and support to your products during shipping. Custom food boxes may contain corrugated box inserts to ensure the safety of products during transportation. It will keep the items from bumping and deliver them safely. It may also create and high-end unboxing experience and enhance the brand narrative. 

Molded pulp and plastic box inserts

When it comes to food and bakery items, molded and plastic box inserts are the best option for printed food boxes. These types of inserts are popular for their cost-friendliness. They don’t come with printed content; instead, they can only provide the desired protection. Molded plastic box inserts are less protective as compared to molded pulp inserts. These inserts can also be made luxurious by making use of coatings and varnishes. 

Foam box inserts

The most lightweight option for box inserts is foam inserts. This is the reason that they can help in reducing shipping costs for cardboard food boxes. They are more resistant to scratches and wear. They are easily customizable according to your needs and the size of the product. There are endless options to customize these boxes. These foam inserts can provide better protection as compared to other types of inserts described above. They can also give a lovable unboxing experience. 

Film inserts 

There are different types of film inserts for bakery boxes. They come in the form of rolls that can be placed inside the boxes. They can have enough power to give protection from different possible damages. They can help to wrap or cover food items. They can help to laminate the food items and keep them safe from exposure to water or moisture. 

Promotional inserts

Promotional inserts can help in promoting the brand or its new arrivals. Following are different types of promotional inserts. 

Thank you cards

You can place inserts containing “thank you” notes inside custom boxes for foods. These are the best and genuine ways of communicating with your customers. It is a fact that all the brands wish to develop a strong relationship with customers. They can make use of a beautiful card containing the message “thank you.” This is an effective statement that can please your customers and build a strong relationship. These cards may contain small textual content and beautiful drawings or illustrations.  

Discount codes

Some brands start offering discounts on their products to increase sales and become popular in the market. This is the best way of showing gratitude to your customers. This can also help to build customer loyalty to the brand. This is a bit of shameless cross-promotion. You can present inserts with discount codes and ask your customers to send these codes to you to get discounts on certain products. You may keep these inserts inside cardboard boxes for food items to promote your business

Instructions and information 

Some medicinal and cosmetic items come with special instructions to use. When it comes to food items, you must print specialized inserts containing information about food items. They should let the audience know about the raw ingredients of food, its nutritional values, and energy values. They should also contain pricing details of the products. You can also place these inserts inside custom packaging for foods. 

Promotional stickers

These boxes may also come with promotional stickers. They can be another best type of inserts because they can help to promote the product to be launched soon. These stickers contain information about the upcoming products and their uses. They can help to make the product popular among the audience. We know that different companies may use different types of inserts according to their needs. These inserts can have different functions. In the food boxes, they can help to ensure the protection of food boxes from different damages. They can also help to promote the company and please the audience by thank you cards or cards containing instructions.