Oliva Munn’s 6 Classic Tips On How To Apply Eyeshadow Efficiently?

Oliva Munn’s 6 Classic Tips On How To Apply Eyeshadow Efficiently?

Eye shadow boxes are available in an effective range of design possibilities to meet your packaging needs. They are customized to fit well around particular items and keep them protected throughout the distribution and storage process. You can add a brand name, logo, and emblem to be remembered by all the potential clients in the consumer market.

You can also go for embossing or debossing of your brand’s signature elements to give your products a premium look. The add-on choice and finishing options are available too for making a bold statement with your products. Perfect eyeshadows serve a great deal when it comes to change up your look and personality from day today. But, most people do not know properly how they can apply eyeshadows in an ideal and trendy manner.

Even if someone is aware of the latest trends for custom eye shadow boxes application, the process is too time-consuming. Oliva Munn’s easy-to-follow tips have made it easier for everyone to master the eyeshadow application in no time. Keep reading this article to succeed with your eyeshadow game. Also, remember that eye shadow boxes are highly important to keep these products’ optimal values. 

Go For The Right Tools:

It is pertinent to select the right tools to apply eyeshadows effectively before you take them out from custom eye shadow boxes. There are four types of brushes you need in your eyeshadow application bag. 

  • Fluffy brush: it is required to cover the complete lid with swatches of different colors.
  • Tapered blending brush: its use is vital to define the crease of your eyes.
  • Angled eyeliner blending brush: it is essential for reaching the areas such as the inner and outer corners of the eyes.
  • Stiffer-bristled angled brush: it perfectly defines your lash line during the application of eyeshadows. 

Select Your Palette:

Picking the right colors for your eyeshadows is critical. If you are heading out of your home during the night hours, a blend of black, brown, and blue hues might work best. Regardless of what time of the day it is, the key is to pick up three main colors as mentioned on the printed eye shadow boxes.

According to Olivia Munn, the best tactic is to opt for a lighter, darker, and mid-tone shade. Before you start applying eyeshadows, you must understand the parts of the eyes where they will be applied. There are three main parts for its application, namely, the lid, the crease, and the brow bone. Make sure all these areas are covered with the selected colors to get extraordinary with your looks. 

Prime The Eyes:

Eyeshadow primer is just like the face primer that aims the area around the eye and makes whatever you put on it more sparkling. Oliva Munn recommends priming the eyelids so as to enable the eye makeup to last longer and go smoother. Retail packaging process will help you hide the discoloration of your eyelids that often occurs due to tiredness and fatigue. The secret to applying these products from eye shadow boxes wholesale like a pro is to never overdo your lid primer. 

Build The Base:

In this step, the real work for the application of eyeshadows starts. The base shadow during the whole process is a neutral color, or more precisely the color matching with your skin tone. It creates a base to begin applying the rest of your eyeshadows. The mid-tone color you chose earlier is now to be used. Utilize a medium shade brush to build your base around the eyes. Slide the eyeshadows along the lid in a way that they do not cross the crease area.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine the boundaries for eyeshadow. The best approach in this regard is to picture an imaginary line between the outermost area of your eye and eyebrow. This is the outer boundary for the application of eyeshadow. To determine the starting boundary, again picture a line, but this time, between the tear duct and top of your nose. 

Transition Shade for Crease:

Transition shade is quite effective in providing depth to your eye makeup. It also helps the mixing of different eyeshadow colors for a perfect finish. Make sure to use and apply darker contour color in the crease. For the best possible results, apply this color gently with the help of a crease brush. After that, feather the earlier picked darker color until a seamless contrast is obtained between your crease and lid color. No matter what kind of shape your eyes have, this technique always works. 

Blend and Rim:

Without blending, the makeup of your eye is incomplete. So, start the blending process as much or as little depending on how you desire your eyeshadows to look. After you are finished with the blending fashion sence, you need to give your eyeshadows the finishing touches for a refined look. Rim your eyes with a darker color with the help of a tapered brush.

The rimming technique works tremendously great to give your eyeshadows a softer look. For perfect finishes, remember to read the content of the products from the eye shadow box. If you want professional results from products packaged in eye shadow boxes, you need to follow the tips of Oliva Munn’s. From choosing the correct tools to finish your eyes’ look with eyeshadows, following these tips can help you with a perfect look.