Countertop And Backsplash Combinations

Countertop And Backsplash Combinations

Nowadays, homeowners are looking for trendy kitchen countertop and backsplash combinations that are durable, easy to maintain, timeless, and of course, match the aesthetic and interior style of their kitchen. With so many options out there and virtually an infinite amount of creative combinations, where do you even begin?

When you purchase a new home, some countertops like laminate, solid surface, Corian, and tile countertops feel dated and won’t survive in a workhorse type of kitchen. So factor in what you are looking for in your kitchen and source accordingly. When it comes to the material, the white quartz countertop’s cost will not amount to something against its stunning finish. 

Questions To Be Asked

Whenever you are remodeling your kitchen, it is essential to ask yourself some key questions when specifying materials for your kitchen. For instance, who lives here? Do you have a huge family? Do you need a material that is durable, easy to clean, can resist scratches, etc.?  Do you need a workhorse type of kitchen, or do you prioritize aesthetics and need something to look good in the heart of your home? What is your budget? Which finish will make more of an impact on your kitchen?

Let us break down the exceptional countertop and backsplash combinations and discuss their specifications. 

Solid Slab

This is one of the popular applications that specify the type of countertop slab. You only need to choose one material for a seamless look. There is no grout, lines with fewer seams, and depending on the size, there might be no seams.  This makes the countertop a lot easier to clean. You can take your time selecting the perfect slab and spend the rest of your energy sourcing the cabinets, lighting, fixtures, and hardware. The key to a great design is choosing a slab you love and carrying that slab up the backsplash. 

For the countertop of the solid slab, the backsplash with the combination of natural stone is a clear favorite. It has inherent veins patterns, and the grains will become the focal point of your kitchen.

Quartz Slab

Quartz slab backsplashes are modern, neutral, and excellent. If you have a minimal style or prefer to mix different looks on the countertop, concrete is also a perfect option for a minimal and industrial vibe.

Porcelain Slab

A porcelain slab backsplash is trending on the market today. Think about all the things you love about a porcelain tile floor: it is durable, stain-resistant, and super easy to clean and maintain. So a porcelain slab backsplash would offer you all of those significant advantages. It comes in monochromatic minimal uniform styles as well as marble looks.

Artisan Tile 

Moving towards artisan tile, backsplash artisan tile can be made from glass, ceramic, clay, metal, and cement. Artisan tile has a handmade quality, and most people love the imperfections and unique differences in each tile. If you specify artisan tiles, you want to make a statement with your backsplash. 

Zelich Tiles

Zelich tiles are Moroccan tiles, having a massive moment in design.  Zelich tiles are ultra glossy, handmade clay tiles with imperfect charm. With the variety of shapes, sizes, and the flawed nature of the glaze, its color variations are enormous. 

They are primarily hand-molded, hand-cut, and hand-glazed, so no two are alike. They also look different in your kitchen, depending on the time of day. So if you are looking for something neutral but with artisan quality, zellige can be pretty timeless. 

Decision Is All Yours

For instance, if you specify an artisan tile backsplash, keep the countertop uniform and straightforward, so the patterns do not compete. The costs of granite countertops vary from material to material. In the market, white quartz countertops cost is not so high but gives you the perfect finish you want. Because quartz and lightly veined natural stone are perfect to pair with artisan tile, if you are inspired by color and want to inject a little more of a fun, bold statement in your kitchen, you can try colorful tile; instead, you might want a solid color to line the kitchen walls.

Final Thoughts

How you install these slabs is entirely up to you. You can find the portion of the slab in which you love the pattern and run that up to your backsplash. You can book match two mirrored slabs together, or you can be very strategic with your installation and cut out a portion of that slab for behind the range only. Heavy vein stone is all about a material you have completely fallen in love with. It could be a luxurious marble slab that you carry from the waterfall island up to the perimeter.  

Countertops and backsplash are so significant for those looking to impact their kitchen.