Choosing the Best Fabrics for Your Dining Chairs

Choosing the Best Fabrics for Your Dining Chairs

Over time, your dining chairs can end up looking old and worn out or may get covered in stains and spills from years of use. Ratty, old dining chairs can quickly make the entire room look dishevelled and even covering them in chair covers or putting up fancy cutlery and table linen can only do so much. If you’re in such a situation, reupholstering your dining chairs or buying new ones is the best option to restore the beauty of your dining room.

While the kind of dining chairs and the materials you choose will depend largely upon how you use them, who uses them and how frequently they are used, here are some of the best fabrics to choose for your dining chairs:

Cotton Blend
Cotton has always been a timeless material that has been popular for all kinds of furniture. However, as durable as cotton is, it has the disadvantage of being highly absorbent, which means any spills instantly soak through the fabric and the moisture will make its way to the padding of the chair. This is why most furniture makers prefer the synthetic blend of cotton plus polyster for dining chairs. Polyester has water-resistant properties, and the higher percentage of polyester in your dining chair fabric, the more durable they will be. It is best to go for a 50/50 or a 60% cotton to 40% polyester ratio when choosing this fabric for your dining chairs.

100% Polyester
As mentioned above, polyester has excellent water-resistant properties which makes it highly durable and the perfect choice for spill-prone furniture like dining chairs. It is also very affordable and is highly resistant to fading, which is why it is a favorite among many. On the other hand, because polyester is primarily made with broken-down plastic, it is not very comfortable on the skin and is not a breathable fabric. This is a major reason why many furniture manufacturers do not make furniture in this fabric and often blend it with other materials to make it more breathable.

A luxurious material that can quickly make your dining chairs become the focal point of your entire house, velvet is a fabric prized for its understated elegance and texture. However, it is best suited for more formal dining rooms that are going to be used very infrequently, as velvet needs significant TLC to keep it looking its best for a longer time. While it is fairly easy to clean and is moderately stain and moisture-resistant, it also tends to fade under direct sunlight and may pick up dust and pet hair more readily.

Another luxury fabric, leather is a much more durable and accessible fabric than velvet. Not only is it available in many different colours, types and finishes, it is also very durable and will develop a gorgeous patina over time that only adds to its personality. While some types of leather can easily be wiped clean, others may show stains if moistened, which is why knowing the finish of the leather dining chairs you are buying is so important. On average, most leather furniture is covered with a protective finish that makes them easy to clean and more durable. On the downside, pure leather can be quite costly, but the amount of use you can get out of them usually makes up for their initial cost.

Another very popular choice for all kinds of dining chairs, bar stools and banquettes, vinyl offers the look and feel of leather without all the maintenance and the hefty cost. In contrast to leather, however, it is not as durable and may crack or rip if exposed to long periods of sunlight or warm weather. Vinyl is an excellent choice for households with children or pets as it is relatively easy to clean and maintain.

Choosing the right dining chair fabric depends largely upon your lifestyle and how you will be using them. When in doubt, talk to the furniture manufacturer about your lifestyle and see if they recommend the fabric you have in mind.