Choose a healthy celebration with Diwali dry fruits!

Choose a healthy celebration with Diwali dry fruits!

The festival of lights is near, and everyone is getting ready to celebrate and exchange gifts. The tradition of exchanging gifts is old, and in India, Diwali is the finest festival of all. The Diwali gifts have a higher significance than any other presents we might give each other throughout the year. Diwali is the auspicious celebration of the victory of good over evil, and the Diwali gifts show the love and hope for new beginnings. Manufacturers and gift suppliers have a high rise in sales during this period of the year, and people make Diwali shopping a big event to splurge in.

Diwali is the time to indulge in excesses, but we should keep mindful of our health. Diwali dry fruits have been a popular gift for ages, and things will not change this year either. The box of dry fruits is long-lasting and is a better choice for our health. So, gift each other Diwali dry fruits this season while paying homage to the old traditions of India.

Where to get Diwali dry fruits?

We can get dry fruit packages in any gift shop around the time of Diwali, but it is far more convenient to shop from online gift portals. Online gift stores have a lot of advantages over traditional offline outlets, the ease of choosing gifts being the primary one. Customers do not have to deal with crowds while shopping in online shops, and they can get a greater variety of gifts than in local shops.

You can send Diwali dry fruit boxes along with other gifts, to make the combo complete. There is a lot to choose from, and shopping online will get you a lot of discounts too. Oyegifts, one of the best shops, has an amazing Diwali gift collection ready for shoppers.

What to buy with Diwali dry fruits?

A typical Diwali dry fruit basket will have all the usual items such as – raisins, cashews, pistachios, almonds, walnuts and dates. These snacks are a healthy alternative to the greasy food of celebrations, and they also keep heart disease at bay. You can order a dry fruit combo from any good online store, and gift them to your loved ones. Here are a couple of possible gift ideas-

Diwali wishes with dry fruits and idols

Everyone worships Lord Ganesh and Goddesses Laxmi during Diwali, and gifting of these holy idols along with Diwali dry fruits is a great idea. Lord Ganesha and Laxmi diol sets are available at every online gift shop, and with all the discounts and coupons going on, they are affordable too. The intricate idols can bring forth love and joy to any home, and they look lovely too. There are many variations, and you can even go for the terracotta idols, which is a more eco-friendly option. Your more religious friends or relatives will appreciate this gift.

Diwali dry fruits with chocolates

Everyone likes chocolate, there is no denying that. The traditions of Diwali is intricately linked with the distribution of sweets and food. So, this Diwali, surprise your loved ones by gifting them a box of chocolatey treats. Dark chocolate is beneficial for our health, as science has proven that it is good for the heart. Chocolates have always been a feel-good food, so enjoy this Diwali with an assortment of chocolates and dry fruit snacks.

Diwali dry fruits with mithais

India has no lack of good food for festivities, and Diwali is no exception to this rule. On Diwali, the traditional Indian sweets or mithais come to the centre stage, and everyone buys and exchanges sweet boxes. Indian sweets have a lot of variety, and everyone has their favourites. Luckily, you can get all sorts of sweets in online stores like Oyegifts. They have almost every type of mithais, ranging from gulab jamuns, rasgullas, milk cakes, laddoos, and Kaju barfis! We link Indian sweet offerings with the celebration of auspicious events, and everyone would appreciate getting Diwali sweets as a gift along with dry fruits.

Diwali dry fruits with bouquets

There is no finer way to celebrate an auspicious occasion than gifting fresh flowers. These bouquets may not be an expensive gift, but they hold the simple joy of getting the fresh scent of one’s favourite blooms. There are a lot of different types of floral arrangements to choose from. You can go for the rose, lily, gerbera or orchid bouquets, or a mix of your favourite flowers into an arrangement of your liking.

Diwali dry fruits with eco-friendly gifts

Our environment is taking a toll, and Diwali celebrations often mean lighting firecrackers in many parts of the country. That makes things worse, so it is a good idea to give gifts that remind us of our joint responsibility. There are hundreds of eco-friendly gifts to choose from, indoor plants being the most popular ones. You can go for options like money plants, jade plants, or bamboo plans, which are a symbol of luck and prosperity.