Can Rats Enter Your Home Through Drain Pipes?

The visual of big rats climbing out of your sink drain or a large rat coming out of the toilet seat can be only seen in horror flicks. Can rats climb out of your toilet and get into your rooms? Unfortunately, yes, they can do that rats can enter your home via sewer drains. However not all rats do that because it is easy for them to chew a hole on the wall, widen a pipe entry or simply climb up the drain pipe to reach the roof.

Rats are quite athletic and can perform several acrobatic moves with consummate ease. Few of their expertise include swimming, running vertically on a train pipe, jumping in to the air and landing on the ground below, and sprinting fast to evade capture. There are always chances that rats can use this passage to enter your home, but it must be real desperate one! However it one such rat or rats have found a way through your toilet you can always contact BBPP, the most experienced rat control Vaughan and they will get rid of them for you.

 Why rats are found in sewer?

Rats love to wallow in sewer because they find nutrition in sewer. Partially digested food flushed down the toilet which consequently gets in to the sewer. Rats are only happy to eat what they get from this and they also find shelter in the sewer pipes. Sometimes you will find large rat population over there. The danger is they may come up the drains and enter your homes. Usually rats that take to sewer won’t cause problem for you until they decide to find a cleaner place for living. This may happen due to the following reasons:

Rats will relocate due to

Sewer project construction – ongoing projects in the sewer drain where loud noises, vibrations and other jarring activities take place. Such times rats won’t feel safe hence decide to relocate.


Food scarcity in the sewer can force rats to look elsewhere. When rat population increases food supply will decrease and rats. May exit sewer and find another place where they will get food.

Floods – when sewer lines run full due to flood rats may decide to leave as it will become very uncomfortable for them

When rats exit sewer they will do so using a break in the sewer line or drain. Rats are good at climbing, swimming and wriggling in to tiniest crevices and getting out of tight passages. With such skill set they are not afraid of negotiating wet. Or dry drains or U-bend found in the pipe structure.

How to nullify the threat?

By taking a few simple steps you can decrease the chances of rats climbing out of your toilet or sink.

Simply close the toilet lid and after climbing all the way rat will hit a wall. When it finds that it is the end of the passage it will simply retreat.

Cover drains with screens

Install grates or screens over drains tightly to keep rats out. Check the covers periodically to make sure that they are stable and in good condition. If the cover gets rusted you will have to replace them.

Mend broken lines

Sewer or drain pipes may break due to accidents and if it is the case, then repair it immediately. Delaying the repair will only give more opportunities for rats to enter your drains. If rats have already taken over your space by climbing the drain you will need expert help like BBPP, the most successful pest control Vaughan, and for nearby towns. You can contact them on phone number 647-910-6315 or send mail to and get a free quote.

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Author: Kulsher Singh