Points to Consider Before Purchasing a New Battery for your Car

Points to Consider Before Purchasing a New Battery for your Car

One of the most dreaded moments in the car owner’s life is turning the ignition key and then dead silence. Even after several tries, the car does not seem to start then its only reason behind is a dead car battery. Sometimes battery gets charged by jumpstarting the car. But after a few attempts it does not start by then it’s time to change the car battery. 

Not everyone knows how to buy a car battery, especially the first-time car owners, and purchasing the wrong one is waste of time and money. So here are a few factors to keep in mind while buying a car battery.  

Aspects to Look before Buying a Car Battery

  1. Check your owner’s manual:Buying a car battery on your own is a costly process if you get the wrong one. In that case, the owner’s manual comes handy. The manual tells about the battery size that your car is required. If you do not buy the right battery size, then it will not fit properly in the battery tray that could lead to vibration and damage the battery.  
  1. Age of the Battery:The best way to look at how long does the battery will perform is by deciding its age. Suppose the battery is less than 6 months, then consider buying it because it gives better performance and smoother experience. Validate the manufacturing date that is mentioned on the battery case in two characters. The letter indicates the manufacturing month and the numerical digit represents the year. 
  2. Size: The car battery comes in different sizes and it is divided into group sizes that indicate the height, length, and width of the battery. The exact size and group of the car battery can be easily identified from your car manual or consult your automobile technician. To avoid any loose-fitting, damage, or spilling of battery fluid, the car battery you purchase should exactly fit the battery tray of your car.  
  3. Brand:Buy a branded car battery that is recommended by the car’s manual. If the recommended brand appears to be too costly, then you can choose a brand based on the battery specifications provided in the owner’s manual. Choosing the cheapest battery could result in a poor performer that ends up being the most expensive one.  
  4. Reserve Capacity:The reserve capacity (RC) of the battery may refer to how long a battery can run on power. The aim of a car’s battery’s RC is that if your alternator or fan belt fails, or if you leave the lights on accidentally, the battery will continue to function for a long, it even let you keep driving and avoid being stranded. 

         Check your owner’s manual for the suggested RC for your particular make and model, and make sure you replace your car battery with one that falls within that range. 

  1. Cold-Cranking Amps (CCA):CCA is a rating that is used in the battery industry to describe a battery’s capacity to start an engine in cold weather. Select a car battery with a high CCA to be driven in a cold climate. If you live in a tropical climate, then it is not necessary at all.   
  2. Car Battery Warranties:Another point to keep in mind is to purchase a new car battery with a warranty. Choose a battery with a longer warranty that allows for free battery replacement. A free replacement period will most certainly be paired with the prorated time.  
  3. Ampere Hour:This refers to the capacity of the battery to store electricity. A higher Ampere hour (Ah) indicates that the battery can sustain a load for a longer period than a lower Ah battery. 

Other Points about the Car Battery

  • Never install a used or old battery in your car. 
  • On average a car battery needs to be replaced after three to five years. 
  • When your car battery is showing warning signs, then it is better time to purchase a new battery. 
  • Check the terminals of the battery such as cables and post to know if they are connected well. 
  • Add water to unsealed batteries to keep them from drying out. This will extend the battery’s life.
  • Car batteries are not maintenance-free, it is crucial to check the battery regularly to prevent any dangerous situation in the future. 
  • A car battery can be saved by doing a jumpstart procedure, but you do not have any knowledge about it then leave it with the experts. 
  • Make sure the electrical components in the car are off before you are going out of the car or else you have to get car battery replacement quicker than you thought. 

Ending Note 

Before buying a car battery, it is better to consider the reviews and feedback of the brand on the market as well its history and performance. When you know what to look for in the vehicle battery, it doesn’t have to be a difficult task to buy. To receive value, all you have to do is look for the best vehicle battery brand. Also, make sure to look at the battery’s size and reserve capacity to make sure you get the proper one.

When your car battery dies it is better to send it to recycling stations or give it to the automobile stores as they know how to discard it properly.