Biometric Residence Permit UK Visa

Biometric Residence Permit UK Visa

Biometric Residence Permits

About the permits

If you have an approved Student Visa application from outside the UK generally, you will be granted a temporary visa in the form of a passport (this is known as a “vignette”). Your vignette is between 30 and 90 days in length. It allows you to travel to the UK.

The vignette acts as proof of your authorization to be admitted to the UK. It is essential to examine the date of the vignette. If you don’t travel during this time to the UK the visa you have obtained expires and you’ll have to apply for a new visa.

Collecting your BRP

The place of pickup will be clearly marked on the Decision letter you receive sent by UKVI (Home Office).

Biometric Residence Permit BRP must be received in the first 10 days following the date of arrival In the event that you have to self-isolate upon arrival in the UK then you shouldn’t be able to collect the BRP until after this time. In accordance with the most recent DfE guidelines, students are not penalized for not being able to obtain the Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) in the event that coronavirus (COVID-19) measures are in place.

Collecting your BRP Card on campus

To comply with the COVID-19 concessions laid out by the UKVI the University has launched the collection service on invitation only through the UniHelp Desk in Sheppard Library.

UniHelp Desk will send an email to your student account when your BRP is in the mail. The email will provide information about your requirements and make arrangements for you to collect your card in a safe manner. You must only be able to collect your BRP when you’ve self-isolated and the social distancing rules allow it.

Collecting your BRP card from a Post Office

If your location for collection includes the Post office, then you need to visit the Post office to pick up your BRP. You don’t need an appointment. To get your BRP it is necessary to have your passport as well as the confirmation letter issued by UKVI. The BRP will be allocated to one of the branches of the post office in accordance with the postcode that you provided during your visa application.

If you fail to get your BRP when it is you are able to do it You could be liable for an administrative penalty or the termination of your leave, which is why it is vital to take it in as fast as you are able to.


We also can get BRPs for your children. In order to make sure that the cards of your dependents are kept alongside yours, we’ll request their information when we reach out to you.

Need to make a correction?

If you notice an error on your BRP cards such as the length of permission or the conditions, you must inform the Home Office and contact our International team within 14 days and request an administrative review of the error.

Late submission may be rejected so please ensure you contact the Home Office as soon as possible. For further information visit immigration solicitors.

Lost or stolen BRP cards

We strongly recommend ensuring that you keep the Biometric Residence Card (BRC) in a safe place. It’s evidence of your legal right to live within the UK and should not be used as proof of your age.

If it is lost or stolen, whether inside the UK or in another country it is necessary to make a report of the loss or theft in the local police station. They will then issue an identification number or a letter.