Best Medicine for Jaryan Treatment

Best Medicine for Jaryan Treatment

Jaryan- a serious illness in males, which can lead to male impotency if prolonged. In the first place, it is characterized by the semen flow in the urine without any erection. The discharge/semen may be from the prostate gland or testes.  Normally, when the semen is discharged specifically from the prostate, the condition is termed prostatorrhea. Further, it continues to flow down involuntarily, causing weakness and fatigue. To eliminate or reduce the risk factors associated with disease, it is necessary to employ the best possible solution at the correct time. 

Type of Jaryan

To enumerate, Jaryan condition can be classified into broad types:

First, the night fall-discharge (mani k qatray ana) at night-time

Second, the wet dream discharge due to lecherous fantasies

If the discharge occurs more often in the daytime, then it is considered pathological disarray.

Symptoms of Jaryan

The outflow of semen with urine is the major symbol to confirm the disease. But some other factors that must be considered are;

  • Laziness
  • Dizziness
  • Irritation around the genital organ
  • Loss of hunger
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Pain in the vertebral column
  • Semen discharge without causing an erection
  • Discharge more than 3 times a week

Major Causes of Jaryan

  • Prolonged stressed condition
  • Vice of masturbation
  • Unsafe sexual appearances
  • Frequent intimacies 
  • Poor diet
  • Disturbed sleeping routine
  • Depressive moods

How Does Jaryan Lead to Impotency?

In many cases, the individual first, suffer from prostatorrhea, which is converted into jaryan later. The semen flows with urine in both cases. The only difference is in the color and nature of semen. The semen flowing with urine is milky in prostatorrhea while transparent in jaryan.

The victims in most of the cases are shy to discuss their condition with anyone. They always think of this disease as their dark secret, which inhibits them from telling their situation. So, the disease often starts as a disorder in gonads, but it ends up with a nervous disorder by the continuous feeling of stress and insecurity. All this collectively leads towards male infertility in many cases.

Treatment of Jaryan (mani ke qatre aane ka ilaj)

Jaryan treatment is as much important as its diagnosis. If it will be neglected, the possible outcomes may cause a diverse, not only a person’s health but also on society. A fertile male can become sexually impuissant. The situation becomes more diverse for those suffering from constipation. The semen discharge with urine is a more likely symptom for them. The first treatment for the disease is:

  • To avoid masturbation and similar condition that causes sexual arousal for some time.
  • Do the Kegel exercise.

Best Treatment for Jaryan 

Jaryan treatment (peshab ke qatre aane ka ilaj) through herbal medicine is an effective method. Dawakhana Hakeem Ajmal Khan has introduced an easy solution of jaryan in the form of their herbal product. By taking their herbal table two times a day, one can easily overcome the disease. This herbal medicine also helps individuals to regain their vitality and vigor. 

Other Herbal Medicines for the Treatment of Jaryan
  • Safed Musli

This is a herb from India. The research has claimed that this herb can perform actions similar to the testosterone hormone. This observation is based on prodromal research. This herb is found effective in reducing penis fallibility. 

  • Aswagandha

It is a shrub with yellow flowers, used from ancient times in its stress-relieving power. It onsets the sexual power and strengthens the organ for an erection. ‘Indian ginseng’ and ‘winter cherry’ are two other names for aswagendha.

  • Saffron

This is a spice, which can also be used in the jaryan treatment (jaryan ka ilaj).  


Wet dreams, nigh fall, prostatorrhea, and jaryan-these all are different names used for a single situation with slight differences. The main common factor in all is semen is an involuntary flow of semen or frequent discharge without any erection. This situation must be diagnosed and tackled in the beginning. Otherwise, it may lead to erectile dysfunction and infertility. The best jaryan treatment is to adopt healthy lifestyle changes. Avoid masturbation and frequent intercross. Take a healthy diet. Also, many herbal products are available in the market that can help in dealing with diseases. Kegel exercise is also found to be effective in these cases.