Best Language Study Advice

Best Language Study Advice

The Most Important Advice For Studying A Language

First, before I even begin to discuss the best language study advice, I need to give you the most important piece of advice. The most important language study tip is this: If you want to learn a language, you must speak it. This is so obvious that it almost seems silly to say, but far too many people are studying languages without speaking them. If you simply want to know “how” a language works (grammar etc.), then by all means do not speak it! Do all of your work in English or whatever other language that’s more comfortable for you! But if your goal is actually to learn the target/host/native/foreign language, then please do yourself a favor and make sure you’re speaking as much as possible. Don’t write an entire sentence in your native tongue only because it’s faster or easier for you! My number one piece of advice comes from something my professor said last year during our first French class at college: “If 80% of what comes out of your mouth when speaking French isn’t French…then why are YOU speaking French?”

Language learning Resources That Help You Get Good At Speaking The Foreign Language As Well As Studying It

Resources That Help You Learn How To Speak A Foreign Language And Have Fun Doing It Too! Resources That Help You Learn How To Speak A Foreign Language And Have Fun Doing It Too! Click here or click the image below. The children are learning about the Spanish language, Spanish culture and Spanish food. Your kids can too!

If you want to learn a language as quickly as possible, then please make sure that you’re taking advantage of resources that help you speak it as well! I’ve listed several resources below that will help you do just that. You can use them on your own or in a classroom setting. There’s something for every budget!

Language Learning Sites That Will Help You Speak The Foreign Language

There are so many great sites out there for learning foreign languages. I’ve listed some of my favorites below:

Live Mocha – Live Mocha is one of my favorites because it’s free and has so many cool features like language exchange, video chat with native speakers etc. You can also learn a lot about the culture through the videos featured on Live Mocha.

Live Mocha is especially great for learning Spanish, French, German and Chinese in particular. There are lots of other languages available too! They have resources for just about every language in the world! You can use them in your spare time at home or when you’re at school. I highly recommend checking it out! Click here to get started with Live Mocha.

Duolingo – Duolingo is another great resource that I’ve personally used to learn Spanish, Italian and German over the past year or so. It’s very fun and very effective! The lessons are bite sized which makes it easy to fit into your schedule even if you’re busy with other things like work or school etc. Duolingo has free practice sections that teach you vocabulary, grammar etc., then they have fun activities where you actually get to practice what you’ve learned in real life situations (no more boring flashcards!). Here’s how it works: You see an image of something like a restaurant menu or piece of street art etc., then there will be something written next to it (usually either English or whatever language they want to teach). Then there will be some sort of prompt/description asking what exactly is going on in this scene described by the image that appears before your eyes etc.

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