Best Jeans For Women With Different Body Shapes

Best Jeans For Women With Different Body Shapes

Every woman that claims that she has a bad body, needs to know that there is no such thing. If there is something that is making you look bad then it is your jeans and not your body shape. So ladies, go and buy the best jeans for yourself and look good as well as feel confident wherever you go.

When you have the knowledge of what type of jeans suit a particular body shape, you can look amazing. Your days of saying, ‘I have no good jeans to wear’ will be gone. The best jeans for women come in various varieties, all you need to do is choose one that is suitable for your shape. No two women can have exactly the same body shape and curves. But there are four basic silhouettes that fall in the category of defining which jeans might look good on you. We have divided each body type into the category of fruits, depending on which fruit resembles your shape. So once you know which fruit you are, buy your jeans accordingly.

Apple Shaped Body

When you are in an apple shape, you will have medium to large breast sizes, you have thin legs and a small or flat bum. With such a body type you need jeans that elongate your figure as most of your weight is concentrated around your midsection. Go for jeans that have an elasticized waist, especially a mid-rise waistband. You can also try bootcut jeans along with a top that has a deep V neck or with the ones that end between your hips and upper thighs. Such attire will help in creating a slimmed-down effect and make your figure look proportionate.

Pear-Shaped Body

As you have small shoulders, wide hips, and the slimmest waist, you need jeans that highlight the best of your curves. Due to the small and defined waist, you can wear jeans that draws attention towards this petite part so that the overweight hips effectively get downplayed. High waist jeans for women are a good option to go for here. The reason being the fact that such jeans hide the extra curves that have been bothering you for ages. But this night is a challenging outfit too. In case you need something loose and comfy, try wearing flared jeans or boyfriend jeans.

Hourglass Shaped Body

When you know your body is in proportion, you need to wear something that shows off these perfect natural curves. Skinny jeans for women in hourglass shape is the most popular combination. It is extremely appealing and fashionable. This will instantly give you a slimming effect and make you look stunning.

Strawberry Shaped Body

With a strawberry-shaped body, you have wide shoulders, medium to large breasts, slim hips, and thighs. Basically, your body shape narrows as it moves downwards. Now as you have no concentrated weight below the waist, you can experiment with whichever style of jeans you like. Skinny, flared, straight legs, and bootleg are some of the best jeans for women that you can give a try.