Below is the list of 5 big steel mills in Pakistan:

Below is the list of 5 big steel mills in Pakistan:

Steel mills in Pakistan play a vital role in the overall economy. Steel is becoming the safest metal used in the construction industry. Tons of steel is used in infrastructure or mega industrial projects.

I am an architect-engineer and right now working in the steel industry of Pakistan. Here I am talking about the top 5 steel mills in Pakistan who are famous and playing a pivotal role, or we can say those steel industry players. At the end of this article, I will talk about my favorite steel mills and why I liked them the most.

  • Pakistan steel mill Corporation Pvt Ltd
  • Abbas steel industries Pvt Ltd
  • Aisha steel mill limited
  • Mughal steel
  • Model steel mill

Above all are the key players of steel mills in Pakistan. Now I will discuss each one of the above steel mills:

Pakistan steel mill corporation Pvt Ltd

         Pakistan steel mill has been working since 1985. It is the leading steel mill producer because it produces 1.1 million tons per year. Flat steel products are their specialty, including billets, slabs, hot-rolled coils, cold-rolled coils, galvanized sheets/coils/formed sections, and corrugated sheets. They are supplying good quality products to the domestic market.

Products range

  • Billets
  • Hot rolled
  • Cold rolled
  • Refractory bricks
  • Coal tar

Abbas steel industries Pvt Ltd

        This company’s specialized products are low carbon and high carbon steel products. They are growing very fast and cope up with the other market competitors. Due to the hard work and efforts, they are one of the key players of the steel mills in Pakistan. Their primary purpose is to get the maximum share of the steel industry in Pakistan.

Products range

  • Low carbon wire rod
  • High carbon wire rod
  • Plan bars which are also called debars
  • Bailing hoops

Aisha steel mill limited

     Aisha steel mill was established in 2005 in the industrial state of Pakistan steel near bin Qassim Karachi. To set up this steel mill, three big groups named “UNIVERSAL METAL CORPORATION JAPAN,” “METAL ONE (the group company of Mitsubishi Corporation Japan),” ARIF HABIB GROUP” came together. They start working by keeping in mind the demand for steel products. They produce the cold-rolled coils to fulfill the requirement of the steel products in the different projects. They meet the need of the industry’s auto sector and engineering sector. The company imports a higher quantity of steel products, icy rolled coils in thickness. It is the largest steel mill in the private sector.

Product range

  • Cold rolled coils
  • Electrolytic cleaning line
  • Recoiling line
  • Roll grinding shop
  • Water treatment

Mughal steel

    Mughal steel mill is one of the leading steel mills in Pakistan. Its annual production is 219,000 tons of steel. The quality of their products is of international standards. They also possess the facilities of re-rolling and steel aligning. They are producing appreciated products not only in Pakistan but internationally also.

Product range

  • Billets -mild steel
  • Spring steel
  • Stainless steel
  • High/low carbon steel
  • ASTM A 615 Steel
  • Long rolled
  • Deformed steel bars ASTM A 614 Grade 40 and grade 60
  • Earthquake resistance steel bars
  • T beams/ bars

Model steel mill

               The model steel mill is one of the oldest mills of the steel mill in Pakistan. It was established in 1969. It is located in Lahore NE-1R G.T Road, near Quaid e Azam interchange, Daroghawala, grand trunk Rd, Wagha town. They have experience of 53 years.

The model steel mill has an installed capacity of 160000 M tons per year. This shows that it is the largest steel producer in the steel industry. It also holds a 15% consumer market share.

The model steel mill is 1st re-rolling mill in Pakistan:

It is the very first company of a Re-rolling steel mill in Pakistan. They are working for their customers. They provide complete knowledge to their clients about the steel bars.

The model steel mill is working on the golden ethic, including truth, sincerity, quality, and customer service. These four are the primary ethic on which they never compromise.

The model steel mill is one of the largest steel sellers in the steel mill in Pakistan. Their specialty is the innovation in their products. They set up a vast research center for the research or new and innovative products.

As I told you earlier, they never compromise on quality, so; they also have a laboratory to check the quality of the products they are about to sell. They produce a massive range of products.

Product range

  • Model of Power Earthquake Resistant Steel Bars G 72
  • Earthquake Resistant Model Steel Bars ASTM A615 ASTM A706
  • Angle bars
  • Billets
  • Cold twisted bars
  • Channel
  • Shaft
  • Ship plate
  • I beam Girders
  • Round bars
  • Deformed bars grade 40
  • Deformed bars grade 60