Asus Router WiFi Disconnecting Frequently! How To Troubleshoot It?

Asus Router WiFi Disconnecting Frequently! How To Troubleshoot It?

Asus is one of the most reliable, strong, & mighty wireless routers, which delivers a high-speed Wi-Fi network in your smart home. It complies with the modern 802.11AC network that is very capable to offer a high-speed network. In addition, the Asus Wi-Fi router is a completely impeccable device for the whole home. It enhanced the network performance in the whole home. You can connect multiple networking devices and do streaming on multiple devices at the same time. The external antennas are built-in on the Asus router, which aids to enhance the network performance. These antennas also optimize the network performance & raise the network coverage. If the user of this router faces the Asus router WiFi disconnecting frequently error that might be there are some reasons. On this page, I will tell you some reasons & some solutions.

Furthermore,  the Asus Wi-Fi router has dual-band network connectivity, which is more beneficial for the high-speed range. Through the Wi-Fi password of the Asus router, you can effortlessly get the wireless network connectivity in your mobile phone, laptop, & many wireless networking device. By installing the asus router app, you can hastily perform the setup. After performing the setup, you can reliably access the network. 

Why is the Asus Router WiFi Disconnecting Frequently?

If the WiFi network of the Asus router continuously disconnects, then don’t fret. Below are some reasons that might cause the WiFi network to disconnect frequently. 

  • The firmware version of the Asus router is out-of-date
  • Enable smart connect 
  • Not configure the channel bandwidth 
  • Not adjust the direction of the router’s antennas
  • Antiquated the wireless device firmware or driver

How to troubleshoot Asus Router WiFi Disconnecting Frequently?

If you are troubled by the problem of WiFi network disconnection, then do not think that some solutions have been mentioned below. By following this you can easily solve it.

Update the firmware of the Asus router 

To resolve the disconnect error, you need To resolve the disconnect error, you need to update the firmware of the Asus router. To update the firmware of the Asus router, you have to log in to the router first. You can easily log in to the router with the help of the router’s IP address. Then you will see the soup wizard, you have to go to the advanced setting. After going to Advanced Settings, click on the More Tools option and find the Firmware Update section. After that, you have to upload the new firmware file by clicking on the Browse section. When the file will upload then you have to click on the Upgrade section.

Configure the Channel Bandwidth 

After configuring the channel bandwidth the keeps disconnecting issue will resolve. To configure the channel bandwidth, you have to open Wireless Settings. This setting is available on the setup wizard. After going to Wireless Settings, you must have selected General Settings. In General Settings, you have to click on the Band option. After that, you will see the section of channel bandwidth in the bottom side last-second option. You are now able to configure the channel bandwidth setting.

Configure the Control channel setting 

Configuring the control channel setting is the best option to resolve the Asus router WiFi disconnecting frequently. To configure the control channel setting, you will need to open the wireless setting. Then you have to find and open the option of General. Now you will see the band option, click on it. If the control channel will not configure on auto then you have to configure it. In this way, the control channel setting will also configure.

Adjust the direction of the antennas 

By adjusting the antennas of the Asus router, you can also troubleshoot the WiFi disconnect error. Because many times the router’s antennas are in the wrong direction due to which they are not able to catch the range. So you can adjust the direction of the antennas to fix the issue. Along with this, changing the direction will also fix other problems such as the asus router not connecting to internet, not showing up, & many more. 

Disable smart connect 

Many times it happens that the Smart Connect option is enabled, due to which the WiFi network keeps getting disconnected on the Asus router. So to fix this issue, you have to disable the Smart Connect option. To disable, you have to open the setup wizard. On the setup wizard, you have to select the wireless setting and find the Same Connect option. Under this option, you have to disable it if it is enabled. Read more