Am I Eligible To Get A Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189?

Am I Eligible To Get A Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189?

The 189 Visa Australia is a permanent application that allows applicants to remain in Australia for a good period with full work rights. It does not need sponsorship by a state/ territory relative or government in Australia. The Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 applicants are presently open to occupations listed in the PMSOL (Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List). The focus is on those employed in their nominated occupation in Australia.

Primary Criteria For Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189

Some of the main or listed important criteria for the grant of the skilled independent visa 189 are as follows-

  • To meet or surpass the minimum English language requirement.
  • A positive skill assessment for an occupation is listed on MLTSSL (Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List).
  • To receive an invitation for applying from the Migration Department.
  • To be less than 45 years of age when the invitation is issued.
  • To have 65 points in the skilled points test.

Medium And Long Terms Strategic Skills List (Mltssl)

The MLTSSL is a new version of Australia’s skilled occupation list. For the 189 Visa Australia, the occupation has to be listed. If the occupation is not listed on the list, one will not be allowed to make a valid application for the Skilled Visa Perth. There are over 170 occupations listed on MLTSSL; one can go through the MLTSSL list on the website.

Understanding Occupations On The List

Most of the occupations listed on the MLTSSL list are pretty self-explanatory just from the title; however one may sometimes encounter particular occupations that are hard to classify. In such instances, one might need to search for the particular ANZSCO and view the tasks listed.

For instance, there are civil engineers in the MLTSSL. A quick search can let one find a civil engineer code 233211. By clicking on the link, you will notice that the ABS lists the tasks that a qualified engineer can complete. One can also create a similar group of tasks compared to what is written there; 60% or more is enough.

The English Language Requirement

To satisfy the English language criteria, one needs to have a minimum level of competent English. Any of the criteria need to be fulfilled-

  • An IELTS test with a score of 6 in each of the four test components of writing, reading, speaking and listening
  • An OET test score of B in each of the four test parts of speaking, writing, reading, listening or speaking
  • A TOEFL test score with the following scores in the four conducted test components-
  1. 18 for speaking
  2. 13 for reading
  3. 12 for listening
  4. 21 for writing
  • A PTE Academic test score of 50 in every test component of reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • If one holds a passport from the UK, US, Canada, Ireland or New Zealand.

One must note that this is the minimum English language requirement that all prime visa applicants must satisfy. If one counts points based on English language ability, they need to satisfy certain requirements for gaining the points.

Invitation To Apply

skilled independent visa 189 is not officially being processed by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) until one has received an invitation to apply for the visa program.

Under 45 Years Of Age

The skilled migration program is only for the applicants under 45 years of age before receiving an invitation to apply for the visa. This indicates that their age is not locked in while starting the application process, but only when one has a valid application with the Department of Home Affairs.

Either members of a married couple or are in a de-facto relationship can be the main applicant. If one of them is above 45 years of age, they can apply using their partner or spouse, and they can apply using their partner as long as they fulfil the mentioned criteria. The age of the secondary applicants does not matter; only the main applicant has to be under 45 years of age to qualify for the skilled independent subclass 189.

The 65 Points Requirement

From July 1, 2018, the minimum points threshold for making a valid application has been adjusted to 65 points. Previously the minimum points were 60. The change was that many people could get selected as they felt applicants were not qualifying much under 60 points in recent years. The points could be made up from different factors such as English language ability, age, and other factors.

Work Experience

There are different criteria for work experience for this visa; some of them are-

  • They should have worked for at least 20 hours of paid work per week in the nominated skilled application or a related occupation.
  • One can only be counted under the ‘skilled employment list if the work was undertaken after the applicant met the minimum entry-level requirements set by the authorities. The applicant needs to meet the requirements set by the relevant assessing authorities and not others.
  • The work needs to be paid and cannot be done voluntarily.
  • The date when the applicant is listed as ‘skilled’ could be different from when the authority finds the applicant meeting their requirements for the suitable assessment. For instance, an assessing authority could issue a suitable skill assessment on the medium of attainment of high qualification. But it could also require post-qualification work experience before considering the applicant as ‘skilled’ for employment points.

Educational Qualifications

Some of the criteria for educational qualifications are as follows-

  • If one holds multiple recognised qualifications, they can count points for one of the recognised qualifications. I.e. if one has completed a Bachelor Degree or a Diploma degree, they can only receive points for the former.
  • The relevant skills assessment body usually determines if the qualifications earned outside of Australia are of standard compared to the relevant educational qualifications of Australia.
  • One could receive points for a qualification unrelated to the nominated occupation. An applicant could consult an Immigration Agent Perth to know the relevant qualifications.

Study Requirements In Australia

This indicates one has been awarded one or more degrees, trade or Diploma qualifications through a course or a course under an Australian educational institution.

The courses have to:

  • Be registered through the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Course for Overseas Students (CRICOS)
  • Have been completed
  • Have resulted in receiving a degree, diploma and trade qualification
  • Have been completed in 16 calendar months
  • Have been completed due to two academic years of study
  • Have had all study instructions in English
  • Have been completed when the applicant was physically in Australia
  • Have been completed when the applicant held a visa that authorised one to study in Australia
  • Be counted only for one time towards the Australian study requirement

Two academic years of the study indicate 92 weeks of study in a course. The course needs to be registered by CRICOS as they determine a standard duration for each course.

Hire Migration Agent In Perth

If applicants want to apply for the Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 but do not have enough information on the subject, they could contact the best migration agent in Perth. Due to their expertise and experience, these agents can help applicants be aware of the rules and regulations for the 189 Visa Australia. This will ensure applicants are selected for the visa when they apply. Migration agent Perth can help applicants with the visa 189 application process.