Advantages Of Using High-performance Tyres

Advantages Of Using High-performance Tyres

Tyre quality plays an important role in vehicle performance. Based on need, different types of tyres are designed as per the vehicle needs. If you have a family sedan and you live in a four-season region then what you need is all-season tyres. If you want to improve the speed of the car, then what you need is high-performance tyres which are specially designed for that.

Using Tyres Edgware will give you an advanced level of riding, assuring safety, improving the mileage of your engine and a brand on which you can trust.

What Are Performance Tyres?

Performance tyres are designed for sports cars, coupes, exotic cars and racing style cars.

  • They offer tight cornering abilities and reduced stopping distances.
  • Performance tyres are designed to be used mostly in summer, wet and dry conditions.
  • They provide enhanced performance.

Let’s go through the difference between All-Season tyres and High-performance tyres-

1. Performance In Dry Conditions

Performance Tyres: They support the best acceleration, maximum grip on corners, they are named as the best braking tyre on a dry or wet surface.

All-season Tyres: They provide solid support over a wide range of road conditions, but they find it difficult for performance driving.

2. Performance When Exposed To Water

Performance Tyres: Due to the designing of a sticky compound and unique tread design hydroplaning is prevented even in heavy rain conditions.

All-season Tyres: They also show moderately good performance on wet surfaces.

3. Performance Of Tyres In The Winter Season:

Performance Tyres: They are not safe in icy or snowy conditions. Cold temperature makes their rubber brittle which further reduces tread wear.

All-season Tyres: They are moderate for ( less than 2 inches of snow) as the studies reveal.

4. How Much Tread Is Required To The Tyres:

Performance Tyres: They are warranted up to 50,000 miles depending upon the usage.

All-season Tyres: Normally warranted between 30,000 to 80,000 miles.

How To Improve The Performance Of Tyres?

  • Always ensure the right pressure inflation
  • Keep the car as light as possible.
  • Wheel balancing is another important thing to be checked again.
  • Checking the tyre tread depth is also important.
  • Checking the tyre rotation also maintains in helping the performance rate of tyres.
  • Driving within the speed limit is important too.
  • Avoiding extreme spinning of tyres.
  • Having periodic tyre servicing is also important for increasing the efficiency of the tyre.
  • Tyres should not be mismatched. It should be always remembered that the same type and size of the tyres should be used.

Not Delaying The Tyre Repair

So understanding the properties of tyres is also important to select the tyre according to one’s need and importance. Let’s understand that what are the properties of tyres?

  • The tyres should have a non-skidding property.
  • The tyres should be designed in such a way that minimum noise should come from the tyres while driving.
  • The tyre should be designed in such a way that it should have an optimum load-bearing capacity to carry heavy loads.
  • The tyre should consume minimum power for increased efficiency.
  • Should be well balanced- The weight and dimensions of the tyre should be well balanced so that it should be dynamically balanced.
  • The tyre should have a great cushioning property so that, when it is exposed to shock it can bear well.

Let’s Go Through The Characteristics Of High-performance Tyres

They have rim flange protectors which help in protecting the wheels and provide lateral stiffness to the vehicle while driving.

  • A sidewall is present to enhance the cornering capabilities in high-performance tyres.
  • For attaining better grip large tread blocks are designed on the surface of the tyre.
  • For increasing responsiveness belts are placed at a lower angle.
  • Tread caps are present for attaining good traction either wet or dry.
  • The apex is stiffer and wider in high-performance tyres to develop more cornering power.
  • For the enhanced handling of the tyre using fewer blades and aggressive blocks are used.

Benefits Of Using High-performance Tyres

By using high-performance tyres improved handling has been observed. The tyres are made up of soft rubber and have more rigid side walls which help in attaining better grip at higher speeds. This helps in providing a smoother experience while driving. These tyres also have wide surfaces which don’t let the driver apply the brake at a sharp speed. This helps in road safety and also in minimising wear and tear.

The performance tyres Edgware how good responsiveness that means these highly upgraded features allows the car to react quickly and show better ABS systems.