Adding Meaning to Bridesmaid Jewellery with Celtic Symbols

Adding Meaning to Bridesmaid Jewellery with Celtic Symbols

Bridal jewellery and wedding jewellery is especially made and worn on the occasion of a wedding and all the other events that surrounds a wedding. The fact that bridal jewellery sets carry with them all the memories of your special day make them all the more special and closer to the heart. Pulling out and wearing your bridal earrings or perhaps the necklace that you had once worn on the day of your wedding, for a nice dinner can remind you of the joy and celebration of that treasured moment.

As a bride, you may want to give bridesmaids jewellery as a gift to all your bridesmaids.  These pieces of jewellery will not only make your bridesmaid’s outfit more spectacular, but the act of giving them will be seen as a thoughtful gesture on your part.  By gifting these ladies’ jewellery, you are simply showing how much you appreciate them for being present with you as you on your special day.

When it comes to wedding jewellery, or wearing your wedding gown with jewellery, you must have plenty of options open to you in terms of design and style when shopping.  The same goes for the bridesmaids.  But if you want something more unique and special, you should give your bridesmaids Celtic jewellery.

 Unique symbolism of Celtic jewellery:

Celtic style jewellery has held up the heritage of the family and has always been admired by many. This is because Celtic jewellery has always been unique in its beauty and jewellery designed in Celtic styles is often sharp and at the same time romantic. But the romance of Celtic-inspired jewellery comes from the fact that these types of pieces can be very symbolic.  Jewelry designed in the Celtic style symbolizes the image of nature, the relationship that people have with nature, their relationship with another person, as well as the values and qualities they hold close to their heart.

The shapes emphasized in a particular design of Celtic-inspired jewellery refer to specific ideas.  For example, the round motif symbolizes harmony, commitment and stability.  Spirals indicate an increase in time of change.  The common Trinity symbol – shown as three intersecting circles, triangles or even spirals – represents unity.

Picking Celtic jewellery for your bridesmaid jewellery:

Wise people say that if you really want something, you need to surround yourself with images and symbols that represent whatever it is that you truly want and desire.  On your wedding day, you naturally want to surround yourself with symbols of eternal love and happiness.  You can make this happen by accessorising your bridal gown with Celtic-inspired moissanite  jewellery for engagement  and do it with similar jewellery for your bridesmaids to wear.  The symbolism will then be even more prevalent.

When you search for Celtic-inspired jewellery, you can go for designer jewellery as well.  These can be a bit pricey compared to your typical mass-produced Celtic jewellery, but the quality shows the difference.  The designs will be richer and more outstanding and you can expect more than just a simple spiral pendant or a Celtic cross.  Your bridesmaids will truly be in awe with these unique designer jewellery gifts that you will give them and they will respect you a lot more for being very thoughtful about these gifts.

Many brides do not shy away from gifting their bridesmaids with bridesmaid jewellery.  This is a way to show how much they appreciate the help that the bridesmaids have offered them when arranging the wedding details.  If your purpose is to give this kind of gift to your bridesmaids, you can make your gifts more special by choosing Celtic style designer jewellery online at Engagement rings direct.