A Short AR Jig Q&A

A Short AR Jig Q&A

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Thinking about tackling a home build project so you can solve supply chain issues in your own way? Before you buy an AR-15 80% lower receiver, make sure you have all of the requisite tools and accessories – and one of them is an AR jig. There are a lot of questions regarding them, so let’s address a few.

What Is an AR Jig?

Basically, an AR jig is a template that attaches to the 80% lower receiver and “guides” the end mills you use to drill out the fire control cavity (FCC) as well as the pin holes for the disconnector, trigger, and hammer pins.

Without an AR jig, you’d have to make very precise calculations and take corresponding measurements; it would be very easy to irreparably damage your unfinished 80% lower by attempting to mill it without the help of an AR jig to serve as a template.

Instead, with an 80% lower receiver jig kit, you simply secure the jig and receiver blank in a vice and allow the jig to guide the drill press for easy milling.

Do You Need an AR Jig for an AR 80% Lower?

Technically, you don't need an AR 80% lower jig to complete an 80% lower, but if you don’t have gunsmithing experience, it’s not worth risking damage to the receiver blank if you don’t use one. To be honest, even those with extensive machining or gun-smithing experience can save significant amounts of time by using a receiver jig. The learning curve can be easily tackled, and many jigs are easy and straightforward to use.

Do I Need to Finish My 80% Lower with an AR Jig?

At first, this sounds like a reiteration of the question posited above, but it actually tackles a different concern: who is legally permitted to complete the receiver blank.

As of a 2015 statement released by the ATF, no one else is allowed to complete your receiver blank for you or even help you. To accept help or allow someone else to complete the blank would be a violation of the Gun Control Act of 1968.

So, in short, you need to be the one to complete the receiver and finish the build.

What Tool Do I Need?

Exactly what tool or tool kits you will need may depend on the specific model of jig, but generally speaking, you will need:

  • A vise to secure the jig and receiver blank.
  • A drill press or router (or a handheld drill as an alternative).
  • Cutting fluid to protect the receiver and mills.
  • Gloves as well as protection for your ears and eyes.
  • Pin punches and a small hammer for installing the pins from the parts kit once the receiver has been completed.

Make the Project More Manageable with a Multiplatform AR Jig

Looking for an easy jig kit that can handle more than one type of project? Check out the Router Jig PRO, available online at 5D Tactical (5DTactical.com), a truly universal AR-15 jig that can be used to complete AR-15, AR-9, AR-45, and even AR .308 lowers. It’s easy to use, universal and contains the router and drill bits you’ll need to complete the project.

Have questions about this universal AR15 jig? Get in touch with their customer service at 508-834-4223 or at [email protected]

(Laws vary according to locality. Perform your own research and seek legal counsel if you have any questions at all regarding the completion of a receiver blank to ensure you are in full compliance with the law.)

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