A Shirt Style Guide To Be Worn With Different Kind Of Suit

A Shirt Style Guide To Be Worn With Different Kind Of Suit

We’ll say it right up front: men’s fashion is a lot more complicated and subtle than you seem to assume. Although there are limited primary categories of apparel to choose from for the men, trying to break down the tuxedo or tailored look into parts is where we can observe the diversity and obtain some guiding advice.

Because, at the finish of each day, a bridegroom, his groomsmen, and attendees would like to flaunt themselves a little—it’s a great event, after all! — They do, however, would like to adhere to basic guidelines to ensure that all of the parts of their outfit sound right and suit the rhythm & mood of each day.

Dress Shirt Fundamentals

Although dress shirts seem to be more professional/formal than T-shirts or polo shirts, which does not imply that any button-down shirt having long sleeves is appropriate for marriage.


The collar is generally the most distinguishing feature of a formal shirt. Some people seem to believe that collars must be picked to compliment a given facial form (for example, a wide collar is great for thinner faces, while a pinpointed collar is ideal for rounder faces), however, we think it’s more of an individual preference.

Classic or Pinpoint

Take into account the pinpoint or traditional collar to be your starting point collar, if you will. You can create this shirt somewhat professional/formal depending on the anatomy you want to take with your choice of the collar.


A spread neck, on the other hand, is somewhat more formal, incredibly adaptable, and undoubtedly trending, specifically if it’s ‘long,’ with a wider necklines band.


For years, a wing-tip neckline has indeed been popular: it consists of a narrow upright collar with the tips (points, as the name implies) lowered so that they protrude out horizontally, resembling wings. In addition, collar hooks will be your best protection preventing flaps from fluttering everywhere at your marriage ceremony or one you’re witnessing.


Although cuffs are usually hidden whenever donned below a tuxedo or suit jacket, the few inches that are seen can be distinctive and elegant or casual. You can choose from mainly two styles of cuffs and afterwards alter the shape of the cuff with minor adjustments. Tapered cuffs are more loose and easygoing, whereas smooth edges are usually more elegant and sophisticated.

Barrels Cuffs

Most formal shirts come with these cuffs as default. It’s a very plain, yet efficient and streamlined appearance, with a basic button fastening. You can also choose between a one-button or 2 button barrel cuff, which refers to the cuff’s stiffness. Two-button barrel cuffs are a little wider and they can be worn tighter at the wrist than their other counterparts, and they also seem more official. A 2-button barrel cuff may be the ideal blend of classic and formal for marriage guests, without eclipsing the groom or his men.

French Cuffs

A French cuff is shoved back over itself and attached with studs, as opposed to a barrel cuff, which employs buttons to keep the strap in place. Whether the groom & his men choose to don tuxedos or tailored suits, wearing French wrists has always been the highly formal and recommended option.

Front Placket

Don’t be fooled by the unusual term; a placket is merely a doubled flap of cloth in the middle of a shirt that retains the buttons on the shirt opening.


The buttons that fasten the shirt are seen on a typical dress shirt. That’s the most classic, uncomplicated appearance that works in both business and social situations.


The buttons on a shirt are hidden away in a much more sophisticated design. This crisp, professional, and contemporary appearance is perfect for marriage and goes perfectly with a necktie.


A much more formal style with a unique piqué material stitched at the front. The pleated design is quite high-society, and it’s a great match for elegant tuxedos for grooms and men.

A Shirt Style Guide To Be Worn With Different Kind Of Suit

When Should You Wear Each Type of Shirt?

After you have a good idea of the dress-shirt lingo and how they’re made, you can start thinking about the ceremony locations where each might be appropriate. Consider which combo of shirt and accessories most correlates with the gentleman’s function in the wedding utilizing “black-tie” as a beginning point (apart from white-tie).

As an Attendee

If the wedding invite specifies “black-tie,” then you can wear one from the above-stated shirts and feel very confident with your decision.

As Groomsmen

As a wedding groomsman, you are mostly at the whims of anything the groom desires or allocates to his wedding ceremony. The most important thing you could do is make certain that your shirt is ironed, spotless, and well-tailored.

As the Groom

As the wedding groom, you must always present yourself in perhaps the most formal manner possible. If the dress code is black-tie, then the bridegroom must stand out in every manner amongst his groomsmen. A bibbed shirt, cufflinks, and a necktie are all good choices. Classics always come out on top.

Other Shirt Styles to Consider

We wondered if we could comment on a few other shirt styles and offer you straightforward solutions as to whether or not the groom is “I do” appropriate—even for more liberal dress codes—because the wedding world is continuously expanding, converting fads into novel traditions.

The Office Shirt

The office shirt is a piece of apparel that is most expected to be donned in a business context and is the embodiment of business attire. The office workhorse is expected to be a sheer Oxford or a textured fabric button-down, typically in white, blue, or rose.

The Overshirt

The overshirt is a type of apparel that resembles a shirt but is designed like a jacket (to be worn in between warm and cold weather). A collar, a zipper or button fastening, and basic barrel cuffs that may be rolled down or up are common features of this heavier-weight shirt. It may be worn unzipped over a T-shirt for a relaxed vibe or buttoned up for a gorgeous hypebeast style.

The Linen Shirt

In the peak of the spring and summer months, this airy, moisture-wicking trump card will keep you cool & comfortable. The mens white linen shirt can be hard at first due to its fine, yet robust structure (made from flaxseed plant fibres that are ethically produced). But after several washes, it is bound to become your favourite piece in your wardrobe, especially the white linen shirt.

Hope this style guide will be useful to you to don the wedding season with style and sophistication.