A Great Collection of Dirty Romantic Quotes in English

A Great Collection of Dirty Romantic Quotes in English

I love taking a shower. Especially with you.

Be classy, with a bit of crazy and a lot of naughty.

Let’s make a pact. To always f*ck each other good and make each other smile.

@undressing @kissing @licking @touching – Exploring each other. Gotta love @foreplay

Let’s face it, sex makes life a lot more fun.

A good licking?
Right now?
Yes please.

Gotta love a #cuddle that turns into #sex that turns into a cuddle.

Monday is the perfect day to make up for the sex you did not have last week.

That lovely surprise when he hugs you and you can feel his boner.

Sunday is the perfect day to stay home, take a few #naps and have a lot of SEX!

When we fuck for hours, making each other cum again and again.

I wouldn’t mind a weekend full of hot and dirty sex.

I just want to be with you. Hug you. Kiss you all over. Grab your ass and do naughty things.

Relationships are always better when you have a lot of sex.

When we kiss passionately. I absolutely love when we do that.

Make her laugh and feel happy. Love her and be there for her. And make sure you fulfill all her naughty fantasies.

I think you look sexy when you touch yourself.

Be with someone who inspires you to be naughty.

Gotta love when she takes control and dominates you in bed.

Let’s fuck like the world is ending tomorrow.

Sundays should be spent in bed. Fucking the entire day.

Kiss her pussy goodnight. Every night.

Fucking hard and talking dirty is the perfect combination.

I wanna go down on you and make you cum. Every single day for the rest of my life.

I need a drink and the kind of sex that makes me feel fucking fabulous.

Being good in bed means caring about your partner and making sure your partner is COMPLETELY satisfied.

I love when you eat me out for breakfast.

Kissing is sensual and romantic – so kiss me while you fuck me.

Love is when you sit beside someone doing nothing and getting horny as f*ck.

Confidence in bed is sexy as hell.

Foreplay. Don’t rush it. Enjoy it.

A good day starts with a little bit of sex and a lot of coffee.

‘I love fucking you.’ I love hearing you say that.

Sex is always better when you build up the sexual tension with a lot of foreplay.

I love looking at your ass. That’s just the way it is. When you just LOVE that ass.

When you have my pleasure in mind and don’t finish before I do.

When two people really care about each other, they give each other orgasms. A lot of orgasms.

When he makes you cum not just once or twice, but three times in a row. 

69. Because it’s fun like that.

I love when you give me a lot of good night kisses. Down there.

3 pillars of a great relationship @Trust @Love And a whole lot of sex.

3 ways to stressless : 1. Have sex. 2. Then do it again. 3: and again.

I love when you spontaneously go down on me. 

I want roses, romance and rough sex.