8 valuable tips for unlocking a car door without a key

8 valuable tips for unlocking a car door without a key

It’s never fun to realize that you have locked keys in your car – especially not when you are driving late. Fortunately, newer cars make it much harder for you to do this, but if you are standing outside your locked car with the keys sitting in the cup holder, these tricks will be helpful. Here you get the locksmith’s methods to open your car without a key.

1.      Call a car locksmith – The easiest, safest and cheapest way to open a car without a key

The easiest and safest way to make a car pick-up is to call a skilled and experienced car locksmith in Tampa who can perform a car pick-up in a few minutes on most makes and models.

Then make sure that the automobile locksmith who will perform a car unlock offers you a form of guarantee if the process goes awry. If you call our car locksmith, we promise a professional solution for car picking.

2.      Use a string

If you have an older car model and are lucky enough that one of your windows for the car might be a bit open, you can use a leash to pull the hasp on your car door. Then, make a small loop and fish the hook to make an unlocking car door.

Unlocking a car door without a key with steel rods / corrugated – Can be used by a professional locksmith with regard to car pick-up.

3.      Use some bent rods while using cushions to make the distance, cushions that you then place between the car door and the car

This method is similar to the technique as auto locksmiths use. We use some pads that we fill with air to make room for wave-like tools. This method requires tremendous pressure and caution, or you may risk damaging the car. 

4.      Use a steel weigher

The method of using a steel weigher when unlocking a car door works on very few modern cars, but if there is an older car model that needs to be opened, then it may be worth trying this method for car unlocking.

5.      Pick up the car lock with a special tool

Few people have the special tool. A unique tool that you can use for car pick-up.

Therefore, it will be much cheaper to contact a locksmith to unlock a car door without a key for natural reasons instead of buying a straightening tool that costs the entire box.

6.      Drill the lock on the car with a drill

This method destroys the lock on the car, but you can easily access your vehicle by drilling the lock into pieces so that you can open your vehicle that way.

7.      Crush a window on the car

This method also works, and you will be left with a window that needs to be repaired afterward. But, it is cheaper to repair a new window than to repair damage after you have drilled up the lock on the car.

8.      Call roadside assistance and have the car driven to the workshop

This solution is the only solution in some cases, especially if your car is of a newer and more modern model. Before you call and order roadside assistance for transporting the car to your workshop, contact your car repair shop to ensure that you are making the right decision.

You are also more than welcome to call an expert locksmith Tampa to order a car pick-up and car key replacement.

Bonus tips:

Of course, there are some things that you should have researched before going online or trying any of the above methods, and they are to investigate if there is an extra key.

Our locksmith often experiences that people who have locked their car keys inside the car have an extra key at home, but they can not access it because the keys to the house are also in the car.

In this case, we would recommend that the home door lock be unlocked rather than the lock on the car. There is a greater risk of damage to the car for this simple reason.