8 Ideas for Google’s ‘I’m Feeling Curious’

8 Ideas for Google’s ‘I’m Feeling Curious’
I'm Feeling Curious

For Google’s I’m Feeling Curious homepage doodle on April 20, the search engine posed the question How Many People Have Ever Lived? to its users worldwide. The doodle drew on data provided by the United Nations Population Division, which estimated that as of July 2012, there were approximately 108 billion people who had ever lived in the world. The numbers may be mind-boggling, but they can be seen as an indicator of how our planet’s population has grown over time and how it will continue to change in the years to come.

1) I m feeling curious about

Google is all about providing answers to questions. Sometimes, you might have a really good question but it can be hard to find exactly what you’re looking for, or that elusive information seems buried within a Wikipedia page. That’s where I’m feeling curious. If you type those two words into your search bar, a new search tool will appear at the top of your results that narrows down your query based on popular questions people have been asking via images on Google+ since 2010.

2) What is the meaning of life?

It’s an age-old question that scientists, theologians, and philosophers have sought to answer with various degrees of success. But perhaps it’s better answered by others. What is your take on life? How do you live it? We want to know: What does living mean to you? If you had one thing to say about life, what would it be? Share your thoughts by answering a question or posing one of your own in our comments section. Together we can explore how people around the world approach one of humankind’s most enduring questions: What is life really all about? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

3) When was the first time you lied to someone?

I lied to a friend once because I didn’t have time to tell her that I was busy. She wanted me to go see a movie with her, but I had already made plans with another friend. So, when she asked if I could come along, I told her that my friend canceled at the last minute and if it wasn’t such short notice, I would have gone with her instead. A couple days later she realized that my excuse didn’t make sense.

4) Have you ever seen something really funny when no one else did?

Sometimes a joke can fly right over your head, making you wonder what it was that everyone found so funny. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why you didn’t get it, but it might have been because of one or two things. Maybe you were in a bad mood when everyone else seemed to be laughing; maybe you didn’t fully understand what was happening in front of you; or maybe they were laughing at something that happened off camera—or even just someone walking by. This happens all of the time with jokes on TV shows, especially when there are a lot of inside jokes and canned laughter that we can’t hear.

5) What is the weirdest way that you ve ever been injured?

I once severely lacerated my tongue by eating a bag of frozen jalapenos that were rock hard. I was cutting them open with a knife and lost control of my knife, slicing my tongue in two places. It bled profusely and required several stitches to close it up. Nowadays, we keep a first aid kit under our kitchen sink specifically in case of jalapeno injuries! Although it s not mentioned in any textbooks (that I know of), I would recommend keeping one under your kitchen sink at home, too!

6) Have you ever had an unusual phobia?

Most people are afraid of common fears, like spiders or snakes. Then there are some people who have an unusual phobia – one that’s not widely shared by most other people. You may feel alone with your fear and think you’re odd to be so scared of something but, believe it or not, there are lots of people out there who share your feelings! That’s because a phobia is nothing more than an extreme fear which is exaggerated and irrational. With that in mind, here’s a list of 8 things you might be afraid of if you suffer from unusual phobias: 1) Thunderstorms 2) Elevators 3) Needles 4) Birds 5) Flying 6) Other People 7) Losing Control 8 )Clowns

7) How much sleep do you need in order to be happy?

To be clear, there’s no simple answer to how much sleep you need. But research has shown that a person with insomnia who gets seven or eight hours of sleep most nights feels happier than someone who doesn’t have insomnia but gets less than seven hours of sleep. The same goes for people without insomnia: One study found that people who slept longer at night felt happier than those who got less sleep—and less happy over time. (This is actually one piece of good news about getting enough shut-eye.) However, while it’s clear that more sleep leads to more happiness, scientists aren’t sure why.

8) If I were an animal, which animal would I be?

If I were an animal, which animal would I be? It’s a question that most people asked themselves at some point during their childhood. Personally, I always wanted to be a bird—the freedom of flying seems like an incredible experience, and of course, there is that intrinsic human desire to want to fly (duh). However, when you’re an adult and have to apply for jobs or grow your career in any way shape or form, maybe it’s not such a good idea to answer questions about being some sort of mythical beast. For example, someone may ask what your greatest weakness is on one of those generic job application forms.