7 Most Popular App Categories: By Listing Tech

7 Most Popular App Categories: By Listing Tech

There are plenty of apps that you are starting to have app fatigue. And yet, because of the popularity and increasing usage of apps, you also want to dive down and develop an incredible app. There are apps to increase productivity, help in meditation, exercising, etc. You name it, search it on the play store, and there you have it. There are apps to even help you sleep. Isn’t it amazing how such seemingly silly apps come up and are even being downloaded? Let’s take a look at the most popular app categories this year. 

Game Apps

Game apps are the most popular category and the category with the most number of apps. In 2021, the number of game apps in the google store was a whopping 477,877. Game apps see the most number of downloads and almost in every device. 

The number of in-game purchases is also large. PUBG, Fortnite, and many other games have a very high revenue stream and a very loyal customer base. 

This category of apps is lucrative as people of all ages play games. Even if the customers do not make in-game purchases, the game makers can generate revenue through streaming ads. This kind of lucrativeness has brought several games into the fray, with several disappearing after a few months. If you have a unique idea for a game equally enticing and of high-quality functionality, contact a game developer and start profiting.

Education Apps

The second most popular category is education apps. With lockdown, traditional education systems were rendered useless. Many ed-tech platforms came up that provided education for children. Many language learning apps saw an increase in the number of downloads. Apps for training and similar education platforms became profitable and widely used. Some of the top-performing education apps are EdApp, Duolingo, Solo Learn, etc. 

Suppose you have an interesting idea to make the education process more engaging. Or you want to develop an education platform for a niche that has not yet been covered. Find a team of expert developers and bring that kind of app to reality. Are you from Chicago? We have a list of app developers Chicago trusts. Check out the list and decide for yourself.

Business Apps

The third category is business apps. A wide category fitting apps of all kinds of business from accounting, timekeeping, team management, POS, inventory management, and many more. You can develop a business app for improving the productivity of your organization. Or an app to generate revenue from monthly subscriptions or freemium features. Common examples of business apps are Paypal, Sortly, Quickbooks, etc. 

To develop your business app, reach out to app developers having relevant experience in creating business apps. Suppose your app is engaging enough, with better features, smooth functionality. Your app might work in the app market and gain a million downloads as you want. Give it a few freemium features, and you can generate revenue through your app.

Finance Apps

Managing expenses have been tough for ages. With mobile devices, this daunting task has become easier for maths-unwise to manage their finances. There are plenty of expense management apps, making them the fourth popular app. Some famous examples are Mint, Good Budget, YNAB, etc. 

The foremost requisite of this type of apps are security and ease of use. The user should understand their credit situation easily through the app and not have to break their heads understanding how the app works. If you have a simpler solution for managing expenses, develop an app with the best developers. Probably a hybrid app will be best for this kind of app.

Tools Apps

Tools and utility apps are apps that help you manage apps. Some common examples are file manager, data cleaner, speech-to-text tools, etc. This kind of apps is the fifth most popular category. Identify a service that people would love to use and develop an app for it. With better functionality and ease of use, your app might get more downloads.

Music and Audio Apps

Most people hear to music. Most love to hear uninterrupted music, even for a price. Spotify has 172 million paid subscribers. Music does sell, and so do the music streaming platforms. 

You can develop a music platform for indie singers or regional languages. Such apps are worth a try. Find a better team of app developers who can build a flawless app. With better app marketing, you can turn this kind of app profitable.

Lifestyle Apps

The seventh popular category is a lifestyle app. This includes fitness, meditation, and similar apps. Whether you are a yoga trainer, love Zumba, or just a fitness enthusiast. If you want to spread awareness to make everyone fit, create an app with the best developers. 

It’s popular, and people do search about losing weight a lot. Reach out to the best app developers Chicago, Los Angeles, or any city in the USA, connect with the best app developers and develop a cost-effective solution.