5 Vintage Style Cardboard Box Packaging Ideas that are winning

5 Vintage Style Cardboard Box Packaging Ideas that are winning

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Are you interested to know the best vintage-style cardboard boxes packaging ideas? Then you should read this article because here we will discuss the five best ways.

Now in this modern world, vintage styles again come with more fame in all industries, including the fashion industry. Customized packaging is also becoming more famous day by day. There is much competition in the fashion industry due to the use of vintage styles. The reason is that the style offers good quality and value.

Retro packing styles are the best way to pack anything, such as chocolates, toothpaste, and others. You can also use them for folding and packaging anything. Several brands were famous in the 70s or 80s, and they use this vintage style such as shaving items or clothes, etc. Through this, they can preserve the old feel of any product by using cardboard boxes in the UK.

Vintage packaging designing:

Let’s take an example; if you are making a shaving brush or something else, then you can use a vintage design. It will help customers remember the products used in the 1950s and a status mark among people.

Several brands are using vintage style to remember their originality and display their old values. For example, a company that uses vintage designs for soap packaging, founded in 1897. The designs are vintage and modern white or blue color combo.

The following are some ideas of vintage styles that will help you to promote your business:

Cardboard Castle Think of all the vintage buildings, castles, tombs, etc., and bring them to your packaging design. Making such a popular building part of the packaging is great to attract customers.  cardboard boxes with lids are great for such designs and style ideas if your product links o any traditional place or things, like it the sourcing represents a specific location, you can make that building or location part of the packaging design. 

Further, you can also allow your young child to cut or create something unique. But you must ensure that you have markers or other decorative items. This playhouse is long-lasting and will remain for several years.

Focus on the font

In the 90s, calligraphy was very famous and is often combined with the old styles. But, according to research, it was concluded that now people love hand-crafted writing instead of machine-made. So, calligraphy is the best way to beautify your packaging to become dominant.

You can also use some old fonts, which were big hits in old times. It will immediately bring that time to mind. It will give a classy touch to the product packaging. And yes this style is still winning the customers. 

Vintage color combinations

If you want to keep your brand dominant, then you must choose the right color combination. It will assist customers in remembering your brand and making packaging more unique. You should not prefer bold or bright colors. The need is to choose light colors cardboard boxes with lids because it looks sober and elegant. When you choose these colors, then they will look beautiful and unique. It is a good idea if you use vintage colors for your brand. 

If your brands colors are funky or different. So you can still align the vintage touch colors with your brand colors to give a vintage feel to the overall design. Sometimes packaging texture can also give a vintage vibe. 

Text-heavy packaging

The best way to promote your brand is to put a lot of important text on the packaging. Most companies use to write important information to advertise brand and product. This information may be slogans, ingredient info, and something else written on cardboard boxes in the UK.

Making some letters bold or writing in different fonts or size can uplift the look of the packaging. So text-heavy packaging ideas are still popular and you can do wonders with proper alignment and use. But don’t overdo it. 

Fun and colorful images

If you are not interested in putting a lot of informative text on the packaging, then you have another option. You can use several types of handmade or other funny and colorful images on packing cardboard boxes near me. It attracts more customers and hence they also help to promote your business. 

Using some old hit images or painting or personalities pictures on the product box is also a great way to bring the old charm to the packaging. Similarly, some old saying related to the product gives the same vibe. 

Final Verdict:

Finally, we have discussed the five best vintage-style cardboard boxes that will help you do unique packing. When you are selling high-quality products, then you should use the best filler. The best packing offers complete protection to your item and promotes your brand recognition. You can feel, touch, or recognize beautiful packing. That is why brands use good quality packing. 

There are different colors, styles, and sizes of packaging material. So, you can choose any one of them to happy your customers. Further, these will also help you to make your business more recognizable. You can also find card boxes near me that will help you to buy the best box.