5 Must Have Golf Course Maintenance Equipment

5 Must Have Golf Course Maintenance Equipment

Having a set of tools that can help you manage your golf course is something that every golf course maintenance manager needs. Here are a few must have tools for your golf course.


Golf course mowers are one of the most important equipment that every golf course needs. In order to maintain a golf course, you would need not just one but many different types of mowers. By having serva mowers all together, you can keep your golf course well managed and maintained.

Talking about the maintenance of the golf course, mowing comprises half of the work. Hence more than 50% of your golf course can be maintained just by having different mowers. You can buy walk behind mowers, tee mowers, golf green mowers, rough mowers etc. Moreover, which mower is right for your facility also depends on factors like atmosphere, size of the golf course, location, type of grass etc.

Utility Vehicle

Next on our list of must-have maintenance equipment for golf courses is a utility vehicle. This is again an important piece of equipment that helps workers move from one place to another along with other equipment. In case you have to use your mower on the other side of the golf course, you do not need to walk and take it with you. You can simply get on the utility vehicle along with the mower and reach your destination in no time. The trailer or utility vehicle is not just used for transporting equipment from one place to another but can also be used for transportation of other tools, parts etc.

Hydraulic Lifter

A hydraulic lifter is one of the most needed golf course maintenance equipment. This one tool is something that every golf course maintenance manager must have. As you know there are several tools and machines that you get to deal with for maintenance. A hydraulic lifter can help you move all the heavy machines in no time. For example, one of your triplex mowers stops working suddenly and it is impossible to move it at all. With the help of a hydraulic lifter you can easily lift it up and remove it from the field in just a few minutes. You can also use this lifter outside the field to raise and lower equipment.


Blowers are responsible for getting rid of all the cuttings of grass, leaves and debris from the field. Having multiple mowers is great but without a blower you can never have a neat and clean golf course. There are basically two types of blowers available in the market. One is a handheld blower and the other is backpack blowers. Both of these types are needed in a golf course. 

Blowers are a handy piece of equipment that can be assigned to workers for removing debris from the field. After the mower’s job is done, you can see grass cuttings and debris in several areas. With the help of a blower all that can be removed instantly.


Last but not the least is a grinder. Grinders are one of the most useful tools when it comes to golf course maintenance equipment. It is a multipurpose tool that can be used at several places. There are three types of grinders available in the market; a bedknife grinder, reel grinder and wheel grinder. You would need all three types as you never know what tye of grinding might be required.

Golf course equipment is a huge investment in itself. Hence buying tools that are actually necessary is a wise decision to make. In case you find the tools expensive, buying used golf course equipment is a good choice too.