4 Common AC Problems to Get Fixed Before They Fully Damage the Unit

Summer month starts bearing down; people make sure their air conditioner, cooler and other cooling systems work smoothly to stay cool and refreshed. Air conditioning systems are among the most reliable units to maintain room temperature. But if the unit gets some problems, it will be in need of repair.

Let’s learn the common signs of AC problems and keep you in a cool state.  If you are able to identify these signs earlier, you prevent the system from getting damaged. Also, you’ll have time enough to find a good company that offers air conditioning repair service in Wilmington NC.

No Cooling At All

Have you realized that your AC is not working as well as it used to be? Are vents not as cold as usual? This problem can be related to compressor failure. It can be possible that the system’s Freon levels are just too low. If this is the case, you should immediately contact a professional to get the air conditioning system checked. In this way, you will be able to identify the issues early and reduce the possibility of further damage. Thus, you will get your cooling system back up and run efficiently.

Poor Air Flow

Are you having a sleepless night due to little or no airflow through your home? If so, there may be compressor issues in your AC. You need repair work as soon as possible. If you feel other rooms in your home remain colder than others, then, this can be the problem with your ducts that occurs due to a blockage in the vents. Somewhere down the line, this happens when dust piles up inside the unit. This leads to health risks to you and your family. So you should not ignore it for a long time, but get it fixed. There are service providers of air conditioning repair in Wilmington NC and you can easily find them online.

Moisture Around the Unit

If moisture around your air conditioning unit appears, then the system has problems. Such problems occur usually due to two distinct problems.

  1. A refrigerant leak. If there is a leak in the tank, it can lead to major health problems both for your family as well as pets. It is therefore important to search for a professional AC repair company and get the problems fixed at the earliest to prevent any health issues.
  1. The second reason for moisture around the unit is because of blocked or broken drain tubes. The work of the tube is to dispose of the condensation of your unit. If there is any puddle adjacent to your air conditioning machine, then it is a sure sign of a broken or blocked drain tube and is not related to a refrigerant leak. Do not ignore it as it can also lead to seriously damage to your home and unit. Get it checked and resolved soon.

Unusual Sounds or Smells

Does the air conditioning unit make some unusual loud sound and smell (banging, grinding, or squealing noises) especially when it first starts? If so, this indicates that certain components have slipped off their track. Or this can be due to some loose and is grinding against something else.

In addition, if you are encountering the issue of odors in the air in your room, it is also a problem related to your AC. A musty smell can be due to moisture in your ducts whereas burning odors are because of issues in the wire insulation. It is better to call an AC repair and fix the problem.

To sum up, there can be many other problems you can face with your existing AC units such as poor service procedures, faulty installation, and poor maintenance. To keep the system functioning properly, finding a company with the best air conditioning repair service in Wilmington NC and getting issues fixed before they turn to be a major is a wise step.

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Author: David Swan