3 Reasons To Hire an Experienced Shopify SEO Agency

If you have any experience setting up or tweaking Shopify-based websites, you understand why the company has become one of the biggest eCommerce platforms in the world. Their customized themes, and the sheer amount of plugins, can give your website unbelievable selling power.

However, the best tools and features remain hidden behind a thick veil of dense code that only a few seem able to unravel. This is especially true after the release of their Online Store 2.0 update. The refresh brought many nifty customization tools for those who get scared when they see a couple of HTML lines. It certainly made it easier for merchants to just drag and drop elements into their themes. However, the true potential of the update was aimed at developers.

Indeed, those who specialize in programming felt as if a pair of shackles were just removed from their wrists and ankles as soon as the update rolled out. But, how do you know it is time to hire a Shopify SEO agency?

Extensive Experience

You might know how to edit templates, install some plugins and manage your products. However, with so many templates, plugins, and configuration options, how can anyone know what the right combination is for their specific business?

A dedicated Shopify SEO agency, like Genius eCommerce, has worked with hundreds of customers for decades. They have experience solving problems for businesses in every industry you can imagine. That means that they can recognize the right combination of templates and plugins for your store, and even design customized solutions that are not typically available for the casual user.

Improved Customer Navigation

Most users take the navigation bar for granted. Automated templates that thoughtlessly add links to pages as soon as you create them, make it easy for merchants to assume that all navigation issues are taken care of.

However, not two audiences are the same, and a navigation menu that does not specifically address the incentives your users have when visiting your website is a recipe for high bounce rates. Designing an intuitive navigation menu that seamlessly guides your users down the desired conversion path is something that only experience and careful study can teach.

Increased Revenue

Having an increasingly more efficient website must necessarily translate into more revenue. Making haphazard changes to a website just for the sake of looks or innovation often results in lost money and traffic given the fickle nature of search engines and users.

A high-performance website works like any precision machine. Experienced developers only implement changes that are proven to work after extensive testing. This selection process is called curating and it is incredibly important if you want to make conscious changes to your website. Developers must take your overall SEO strategy into account before performing any change, making sure modifications won’t negatively impact the health of your website.

Remember that the main goal of SEO is to bring more quality traffic and increase your revenue. This can only be done by giving search engines the correct signals in terms of content pertinence, user experience, efficient conversion funnels, and top-notch customer satisfaction. All these elements must be addressed during the development phase by an experienced Shopify SEO agency.

How Do I Choose The Right eCommerce Agency?

There are thousands of SEO agencies out there who claim to be the best. However, only a few can claim to have a proven track record of providing eCommerce businesses a clear edge for long-term growth. Genius eCommerce has proven time and again that they are the best Shopify SEO agency for merchants who need to grow their businesses and dominate their industry. They offer a free SEO audit service that is especially useful for Shopify business owners who need to understand how SEO can help their stores be more profitable in the long run.