11 Essential Things to Carry During the Intercity Relocation

Most people are confused over carrying important things while relocating to another city. They always look for packers and movers to pack their important items during an intercity relocation.

Packing the right items during your move is very crucial during your intercity relocation. If you don’t plan your packing process, you’ll end up taking useless things with you.

This will result in paying for the things that are not useful for you. So, it is highly advisable to sort out the important things beforehand. Once you do this, you don’t have to pay for waste items. Moving unwanted items to your next destination will be a waste of money, energy, and time.

So, movers would have to plan their packing process professionally to avoid this problem. There are many items that are very important for you to pack for your new home. Everybody knows these items. However, we often forget to take away other items.

These items too are extremely important. But you might miss these items. Some of the essential items you must pack for the intercity relocation are as follows:-

1. Important Documents

We all have essential documents that we can’t miss while relocating to another city. A few items that you need to include in your packing list are:-

  • Passport
  • Bank Related Documents
  • Academic Documents
  • Professional documents
  • Birth Certificate

2. Keys

Well, keys are the most important things to carry during the intercity relocation. However, many people forget to take their keys during the move.

Some of them also misplace them while relocating to another location. So, it is advisable to pack your keys beforehand to avoid any kind of problem.

3. Medicines

If you are struggling with a health problem, you need to take your medicines with you. If you don’t carry your medicines, you’ll suffer a lot.

You might have problems finding your medicines in the new city. So, the best thing would be to take your prescribed medicines with you.

It is best to carry extra packets of your medicines so that you won’t have any kind of problem at the new place.

Besides, you also need to carry your test reports and prescriptions in the new city.

You might have problems finding a good doctor in the new city. So, you can take these medicines for the initial stay in a different city.

4. Chargers

No one forgets taking the chargers. The reason is that they are very important for your mobiles and other gadgets. They charge these gadgets so that you can use them later.

Many people use different chargers to charge their gadgets. But other charges damage your devices.

So, make sure to carry only original chargers with you. If your original chargers are missing then you can buy original chargers for your devices. This way, you will save your gadgets from being damaged.

5. Basic Cooking Utensils

You’ll surely need these utensils in your new home. These utensils are used on a daily basis, so, you’ll need them on an urgent basis.

It won’t be possible for you to manage basic utensils after reaching your new home.

So, taking these utensils will be extremely helpful for you. Some of the cooking utensils you need to buy include spatula, dishes, knives, bowls, frying pan, etc.

6. First Aid Box

Taking your first aid box is also very important for a mover. If you are a DIY mover, you need a first aid box urgently. Well, any injury may take place on the road. So you should be ready to face each incident.

You can use the first aid box to manage minor injuries. Remember that you won’t find any doctor in the middle of the road. So, in these situations, this box will be immensely helpful for you.

A few things you must keep in the first aid box are common medicines, antiseptics, thermometers, etc. You can also use cotton and bandages.

7. Ornaments

Ornaments are your most valuable possessions. And you need to protect them completely. You might have a vast collection of these ornaments. So, protecting them, in any case, is the first and foremost concern for you.

Even if you have hired the packers and movers Hyderabad to Chennai, it is best to carry them with you. Moving professionals of many companies are not so responsible.

So, you will be the best person to protect them during the move. These ornaments are very precious to you, so you make extra efforts to protect them while moving.

8. Musical Instruments

If you are a musician then it is best to carry your musical instruments on your own. Whether it is a guitar or a violin, all these instruments are favorites to you.

So, taking them on your own will ensure their safety during the intercity relocation. You won’t have any stress if you’ll take them with you.

9. Basic Cleaning Supplies

These articles are also extremely important just like the basic utensils. It is advisable to take the old set of these articles with you. There is no need to buy them just after reaching the new home.

The old set of cleaning materials can be useful for the initial days. If you don’t carry them, you’ll have to rush to the market after reaching your new home.

Some of the cleaning supplies you need to take are a broom, cleaner, multipurpose cleaner, detergent, etc.

10. Miscellaneous Items

Apart from your important devices such as mobiles and laptops, other items you need to take are:-

  • Duct Tapes
  • Scissors
  • Torches
  • Candles
  • Matches
  • Portable Alarm Clock
  • Pilers
  • Screwdrivers

11. Cash

Carrying cash during the intercity relocation is of utmost value to you. Of course, you have debit or credit cards to use. But you must also carry cash with you.

There are times when you need cash urgently and most of the nearby ATMs are not in a good condition. So, it is important to keep the cash to avert this situation.


The above packing list is the best way to organize your intercity relocation. You can easily change this packing list as per your needs. This list is also helpful if you have hired the packers and movers for your move.

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Author: Monali Swain